Verify and track IVD consumables with RFID-enabled couplers

IVD consumables with RFID-enabled couplers

In medical or analytical laboratories, data transferring intelligent couplings can play many valuable roles. These include tracking instrument usage to anticipate preventative maintenance required, ensuring the correct OEM approved media is being used, and most commonly, alerting technicians when consumable fluids need to be replaced.

RFID-enabled, non-spill couplings include two parts: the coupling body which houses the RFID reader and the coupling insert which houses an RFID tag. The reader can read and write information on the tag. It’s an elegantly simple solution for any laboratory looking to enhance and improve operations.

Benefits of RFID-enabled, non-spill couplings:

  • Track consumable media
  • Enhance instrument function
  • Prevent operator errors
  • Predict routine preventative maintenance of instruments

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