Our family of liquid cooling connectors just got BIGGER

Introducing Everis® BLQ6 and Everis® LQ8 couplings

Everis® BLQ6 Quick Disconnects

Specifically designed for rack and panel configurations, the reliable Everis BLQ6 latchless connector achieves 3/8" flow and a Cv of ~2.2 for high performance liquid cooling. The chamfer design and connection tolerances are ideal for applications where operators have obstructed views to mounted server assemblies in racks. With the larger size and impressive Cv, the Everis BLQ6 follows the robustness of CPC’s BLQ2 and BLQ4 quick disconnect couplings but in anodized aluminum and with an optional panel mounting kit.

Read the BLQ6 Spec Sheet

Everis® LQ8 Quick Disconnects

For high demand, high performance liquid cooling, the Everis LQ8 connector achieves 1/2" flow and a Cv of ~6.0. Larger than CPC’s Everis LQ4 or Everis LQ6 QDs, the Everis LQ8 quick disconnect is ideal for liquid cooling applications where high-density electrical systems need significant flow for high levels of heat transfer thermal management.

Read the LQ8 Spec Sheet

Both new products feature multi-lobed seals for redundant protection against leakage and lasting shape retention during extended periods of connection. Their non-spill designs allow disconnection under pressure without drips, protecting electronics from exposure to fluid, and enabling hot swapping of equipment. Interested in learning more? Have a project or need samples?

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