Cell and Gene Therapies

The world is in exciting times right now as we have close to 900 companies worldwide that are working on all types of cures in cell and gene therapies, gene modified therapies and tissue engineering. With recent break-throughs from the FDA and EMA on approvals, and more in the pipeline designated with RMAT (Regenerative Medicine Advanced Therapy) by the FDA, will allow for faster, more streamlined approvals and quicker development to market. The market potential for patients to receive long awaited treatment is in high demand.

CPC is working to help therapy manufacturers and partnering with the equipment suppliers to provide these lifesaving therapies to ensure efficacious, repeatable and standardize processes are maintained. How does CPC do that? Where the industry struggles with high costs of manufacturing, including labor, supply chain and low yields, CPC Aseptic connectors attached to the Single-use Technology (SUT) can ensure robust terminally sterilized closed system process continuously and each drop is secure and "sterile" from the patient to the patient.

CPC AseptiQuik® Connectors help to:

  • Remove cumbersome steps in production
  • Minimize costs by closing operations that would normally have to performed under the hood
  • Save time and labor during set up, in production and in between batches
  • Eliminate cross contamination in between batches
  • Reduce the footprint of your processing area

Benefits of using CPC connectors:

  • Compatible with large range of chemicals
  • Performance integrity down to -80 Degrees Celsius and sterilization by gamma or Autoclaving methods
  • Connectors are tested and validation reports can be provided
  • Reliable performance that is repeatable
  • No need for extensive operator training to use the connector
  • Wide portfolio of products from benchtop to cGMP production
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