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Aseptic Connections Steam-Thru AseptiQuik
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Single-Use Technologies: AseptiQuik

AseptiQuik Connectors create a sterile link between pre-sterilized bag systems or tube sets or other single-use process equipment. The product’s innovative CLICK-PULL-TWIST design reduces complexity and risk of operator error.

The intuitive three-step process enables operators to quickly connect two single-use assemblies: an audible CLICK confirms the initial connection, PULL tabs allow simultaneous membrane removal and a simple TWIST of the integrated lock ring provides secure final assembly.

After fluid transfer is complete, the connector can be aseptically disconnected from the tube set or bag assembly using an HFC quick disconnect coupling that has been validated as an aseptic disconnect.

 AseptiQuik Sterile Bioprocessing Connectors from Colder Products Company.


The connection is attached to single-use bag systems or tubing by aligning the halves of the coupler and pushing them together until the audile Colder CLICK is heard. The pull tab membranes then snapped together and the membranes are simultaneously removed with a quick PULL. Finally, a simple TWIST of the integrated lock ring provides secure final assembly, creating a sterile flow path and allowing aseptic fluid transfer to occur. A benefit of the AseptiQuik design is a maximum Cv value of 14.4 which translates to a flow rate of XX liters per minute at 2 PSI, making it appropriate for high volume applications.

Extensive validation testing completed on post gamma and autoclave sterilized connectors confirms that external organisms are prevented from entering the flow path before, during or after connection. Testing includes functional performance, biocompatibility and three types of microbial ingress tests.

The AseptiQuik Sterile Connector is comprised of non-animal origin USP Class VI polycarbonate, platinum-cured silicon seals and polyethylene membranes, which were tested for biocompatibility.

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