10 tips for improving reagent and bulk fluid handling in IVD equipment

The in vitro diagnostics (IVD) market continues to grow at an almost breakneck pace, along with laboratory demands for increasingly complex and efficient equipment. Whether designing for immunoassay, clinical chemistry, hematology, molecular diagnostics or infectious disease applications, OEMs and contract manufacturers are all feeling the pressure to make their next-generation diagnostic instruments more productive and more reliable than ever. On top of this, IVD instruments are being used closer to the point-of-care, often by undertrained operators, so new equipment designs need to build in ease of use, safety and error prevention.

Below are 10 tips for applying advanced connector features and technologies to help device manufacturers design world-class fluid handling systems for diagnostic instruments:

1. Ensure material and media compatibility
2. Specify non-spill or “dry break” valved connection points
3. Track reagent batches at the point of use
4. Connect multiple fluid lines at once
5. Use disposable packaging (bottles, bag-in-box, puncture seals)
6. Implement gravity fed plumbing with shutoff valves
7. Color code or physically key multiple fluid lines
8. Don’t let particulates clog your system
9. Install cost-effective level sensing for bulk fluids
10. Seek help from supplier experts

Meeting today’s and tomorrow’s market demands for high-productivity, high-reliability IVD equipment will depend in part on efficient, effective fluid handling systems. Smart fluid handling component choices such as technologically advanced fluid connectors will help equipment manufacturers maximize instrument productivity and reliability—and make IVD testing faster and easier for labs and operators.

Get all the details by reading our White Paper, 10 tips for improving reagent and bulk fluid handling in IVD equipment, by Tyler Grubb.

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