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How to choose sterile connectors

Three considerations to give you confidence when selecting fluid handling connectors for your bio application

Think about it now, so you don’t have to think about it later.

When you’re focused on creating life-altering drugs that are worth millions of dollars, something as simple as a fluid handling connector can seem like a minor concern. But without a reliable and robust connector, your batch could quickly be rendered worthless. CPC can help you simplify the process of selecting fluid handling connectors for your single-use processing systems. Let’s boil down what you need to know into three main categories: convenience, reliability and accessibility.

Ease of Use

Any connector you choose should be both ease of use and intuitive to greatly reduce the risk of operator error. CPC has designed their innovative connectors to be both. Its AseptiQuik® connectors feature a three-step-usage design that’s as simple as “flip-click-pull” or “twist-pull-twist” depending on the specific product. CPC Director of Biopharma Product Management, Nick Johnson, commented, “CPC engineers focus on making the connection process as easy as possible. They truly think about how the connectors are going to be used throughout the design process.  What’s the simplest way to connect two single-use systems? How will users interact with the connectors?  How can CPC mitigate risk in the users’ applications? We use those insights along with feedback from our customers, to design cutting edge connectors.“ 

With its AseptiQuik G, AseptiQuik L and AseptiQuik S series, CPC offers genderless options that eliminate mating complexity and reduce inventory requirements. Genderless connectors simplify system design and reduce operator error, so users benefit from more flexibility and streamlined supply chain efficiencies. 

The focus on smart design is evident in other aspects of CPC’s designs as well. While other connectors may allow users to accidentally pull one tab before another, CPC’s connectors are designed with a feature to ensure simultaneous removal of the pull tabs. Protective covers turn into pull tabs that snap together prior to the membrane removal process, which forces the membrane and pull tabs to be pulled at the same time. This design feature further minimizes the risk of operator error.

Finally, all CPC connectors feature the famous “CPC click,” providing users with audible confirmation of assembly. When all of these design features are taken as a whole, it’s clear that CPC has designed its connectors to provide confidence at every point of connection.


How do you know if a connector is robust and reliable? First, is the product designed and manufactured by a company whose sole focus is world class connectors? CPC’s cross functional development team has decades of expertise in creating innovative and reliable connectors, including how to test critical connections. CPC subjects its connectors to extreme functional testing so users can feel confident that their connectors will perform as promised. Its lineup of rigorous tests includes: microbial ingress, creep rupture, leak, burst, freeze-thaw, and extractables testing to name a few. You can download validation reports for CPC’s connectors here.


Before you settle on a connector, make sure it’s accessible. CPC’s connectors are accessible through its expansive global network of distributors and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s)/system integrators. Nick Johnson commented on CPC connector accessibility saying, “CPC focuses solely on connectors and not providing full systems, maintaining our market neutrality to the industry.”  That means you can always access high quality, reliable connectors quickly and cost effectively to support your broad range of application needs.

In an industry that produces life saving therapies, you need smart fluid handling solutions that get the job done safely. Look at convenience, reliability and accessibility of product when choosing sterile fluid handling connectors—to ensure confidenence at every point of connection. 

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