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Steam-Thru Connectors for Biopharma Systems

In bioprocessing, efficiency is the name of the game. But with shorter production runs and multiple changeovers, maintaining efficiency is more challenging than ever. And, of course, the quest for greater efficiency cannot come at the expense of maintaining sterility.

That’s why every bioprocessing system engineer should consider Steam-Thru connectors from CPC. They are the efficient choice because they enable quick and easy sterile connections between biopharmaceutical processing equipment and disposable bag and tube assemblies. The single-use design saves time and money by eliminating unnecessary cleaning procedures and reducing the validation burden associated with reusable components.

The innovative three-port design of CPC Steam-Thru connectors assures sterility by eliminating dead legs and allowing steam to pass directly through the connection to the tubing that attaches to the stainless equipment.

For those looking for even greater efficiency, our Steam-Thru II connectors provide “steam on” and “steam off” capability, allowing both a sterile connection and sterile disconnection without the need for a laminar flow hood. This reduces the potential of microbial contamination of the process flow path, as well as environmental contamination within your facilities.

If you would like to learn more about CPC's Stream-Thru connectors, click here. Or if you have any questions on products or technology, please complete the form, and a CPC representative will contact you.

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