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Motorcycles. Cancer-detection systems. Large-format printers. CPC has partnered with engineers worldwide to develop fluid handling solutions to meet the needs of a tremendous variety of industries and applications. No matter the size, material, flow rate or virtually any other characteristic you require, our team of expert engineers is standing by, ready to help you tackle your toughest challenges with CPC products customized for you. Even with well over 10,000 fluid handling products in our portfolio today, CPC still dedicates a significant portion of our resources to developing custom parts for our customers’ more unique and specific requirements. Our problem-solving team of engineers leverages solid modeling capabilities, prototype equipment, an expansive lab and more to help you design and create the perfect solution for your needs. Best of all, we don't give up or leave you hanging. Even discontinued products may still be available as custom order products.

Imagine what's possible. Ask Our Engineers about possible solutions. See some of the products we've customized for others. Learn More

Lower Overall Cost
Reduce Manufacturer Liability
Monitor Temperature and Pressure
Increase Product Performance
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