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    Motorcycles. Cancer-detection systems. Large-format printers. CPC has partnered with engineers worldwide to develop fluid handling solutions to meet the needs of a tremendous variety of industries and applications. No matter the size, material, flow rate or virtually any other characteristic you require, our team of expert engineers is standing by, ready to help you tackle your toughest challenges with CPC products customized for you. Even with well over 10,000 fluid handling products in our portfolio today, CPC still dedicates a significant portion of our resources to developing custom parts for our customers’ more unique and specific requirements. Our problem-solving team of engineers leverages solid modeling capabilities, prototype equipment, an expansive lab and more to help you design and create the perfect solution for your needs. Best of all, we don't give up or leave you hanging. Even discontinued products may still be available as custom order products.

    Imagine what's possible. Ask Our Engineers about possible solutions. See some of the products we've customized for others.

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    Lower Overall Costs by Reducing the Number of Connections

    Eliminate the need for multiple connections and simplify the user interface between remote tools and a device with CPC’s Hybrid Connector. Featuring an easy-to-use latch to securely connect everything in one simple motion, technicians can quickly change or replace modular tools, umbilicals or hand pieces that require a combination of power, signal, air or fluids.

    • Featuring dry-break technology, the CPC Hybrid Connector allows you to confidently specify a single connector for both your fluids and electronics
    • A streamlined interface allows you to adapt the product to your specific needs
    • Save valuable engineering resources with this off-the-shelf, turnkey solution or a customized version for your specific application

    Air/Fluid/Electronic Umbilical Tube Set

    Challenge: Enable simultaneous connection of multiple air and electrical lines between a controller and remote device. 

    Solution: An integral hose assembly with an easy-to-connect interface and an umbilical that could be easily wiped clean. 

    Benefits: The complete, ready-to-use interface assembly reduced the OEM’s total cost-per-part, eliminated quality sensitive components and improved equipment usability. 

    Home Healthcare Multi-Line Connector

    Challenge: Multiple connections on a garment were difficult for users to connect correctly, jeopardizing effective treatment. 

    Solution: An integrated connector designed to make proper connection obvious: color-coded tubing line, large print instructions and large button sizes for users with limited manual dexterity. 

    Benefits: Eliminated tubing misconnections, improving device performance and patient therapy outcome. The new design was also an improvement on the OEM’s production and quality, thereby lowering overall connector cost. 

    Incorporating RFID to Reduce Manufacturer Liability

    You can facilitate safer and more efficient fluid connections while avoiding harmful and expensive mistakes, reducing liability and improving process management by incorporating Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). IdentiQuik® technology is a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system for quick disconnect couplings. RFID-based electronic intelligence is embedded into a variety of coupling configurations, enabling the exchange of rewritable data once the coupling halves come within a few centimeters of one another. IdentiQuik coupling applications include: connection validation, media validation, usage control, inventory level monitoring, surgical tool identification, brand protection, track and trace, operational control settings, and many more. 

    Non-Spill, Seam-Weld Coupling (RFID)

    Challenge: Messy ink bottle replacement and the use of counterfeit ink were reducing equipment usability.

    Solution: A seam-weld termination for flexible ink bags and an RFID-enabled coupling tracked ink usage.

    Benefits: Users could connect the new, cost-effective ink pouches easily with less mess. The addition of RFID for the identification of both ink color and ink manufacturer ensured that only the correct ink was connected, thereby protecting the equipment, reducing service calls and maintaining sales of the manufacturer’s ink. 

    Dual Flow Path Connector with RFID

    Challenge: Prevent the reprocessing and reuse of disposable surgical instruments.

    Solution: RFID-enabled connector for automatic equipment configuration. CPC’s RFID-enabled IdentiQuik® technology enabled the device to read critical information embedded directly in the connector and reset its configuration as needed. The device can ensure that a new surgical tool is used for each surgery and configure itself for various procedures based on what type of tool is connected. 

    Benefits: Reduced manufacturer liability due to the reuse of surgical tools and decreased setup time for device configuration. 

    Monitor Temperature and Pressure in the Flow Path

    Monitor temperature and pressure within a device, while reducing the number of leak points and maintaining a compact device profile. Leveraging many standard components creates a fast path to production with reduced capital investment.

    Pressure and Temperature Sensing Coupling

    Challenge: Standalone sensors were too large for the equipment’s compact profile.

    Solution: Integrated sensors with standard PLC12 couplings. The component combines both temperature and pressure sensors into the flow path to monitor system pressure and fluid temperature. 

    Benefits: Integrated sensing capability without an increase in equipment size. Using standard coupling components created a fast path to production and minimized the OEM’s capital investment. 

    Increase Product Performance

    Add value to your products by making your fluid and air connections easy to use and more reliable, increasing your product’s modularity and serviceability while providing an overall cleaner, faster, safer and smarter solution.

    • CPC’s large, dedicated design team is focused exclusively on working directly with you to simplify what is important to you: whether it’s ease of use, design for manufacturability, safety, modularity, chemical compatibility, visual line identification, keying, quality or delivery.
    • CPC leverages dozens of core technologies and thousands of standard components, so a custom product can be more affordable with shorter development time than you may think.
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