Quick Connects and Disconnects

Colder Products Company (CPC) provides a full line of quick disconnects for a broad range of applications, from biopharmaceutical to food processing. Designed with quality and economy in mind, our couplings are useful in any application where tubing requires quick and safe connection and disconnection. Colder products are easy to operate and maintain, and offer unique connection options to meet individual customer needs. 

We manufacture plastic, metal and custom quick disconnects; whatever your industry or application, we have a quick disconnect that will improve your process. 

Benefits of CPC Quick Connect and Disconnect Couplings

Our quick disconnects can improve the functionality of your equipment and increase the efficiency of your manufacturing process. Adding our quick connects and disconnects to your tubing will make connecting and disconnecting tubing cleaner, faster and safer. Other benefits include:

Designed to prevent spills: For improved performance and reduced media spillage, CPC’s quick disconnects are built with our innovative non-spill technology. Reduced spillage means more protection from chemicals and fumes, and a cleaner environment.

Significantly reduced inclusion: Air can enter a system when a coupling is disconnected– this is referred to as inclusion. Most traditional couplers allow 2ml of inclusion each time the coupler is disconnected and reconnected. CPC quick disconnect couplings reduce inclusion to .04ml per connection cycle.

Ergonomic designs: Many of our quick connect couplings feature ergonomic designs, which make it easy to connect and disconnect tubing, even when you’re wearing gloves.

Efficiency: Because our quick connect couplings are designed to make the connection cycle fast and easy, you can minimize downtime for your equipment.

Longevity: CPC’s quick disconnects are exceptionally reliable, and manufactured to provide secure connections even when left connected for months or years at a time. Quality construction and rugged materials, including unique engineered polymers, give our quick disconnect couplings the durability to withstand harsh working conditions and repeated connection cycles.

Elimination of accidental disconnections: We designed our quick disconnects with the aim of eliminating accidental disconnections so that your equipment can operate with optimal efficiency and safety.

Protection from product liability: We offer the option to add RFID capabilities to our quick disconnects, which can help increase safety and authenticity, and decrease your exposure to product liability claims.

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