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Liquid Cooling Quick Disconnects: Plastic

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With decades of engineering expertise in designing plastic couplings, CPC was the first manufacturer to offer purpose-built high-performance plastic connectors for use in liquid cooling systems. These robust and innovative Everis liquid cooling plastic couplings are made from polyphenalsulphone (PPSU), a high-performance thermoplastic. This material maintains structural integrity and is rated UL 94 V-O.

Product Series

CPC Plastic Liquid Cooling Connectors Avoid Corrosion and Weight

Inherently non-conductive and resistant to galvanic corrosion, the lightweight Everis PLQ2 and PLQ4 PPSU quick connectors are designed for liquid cooling applications where the volume of connectors significantly contributes to the weight of a system or where a more economical―but just as reliable―quick connector is needed. Designed with an ergonomic, built-in thumb latch for single-handed operation, the Everis plastic QDs provide maintenance ease of use and less opportunity for repetitive stress disorders for technicians servicing or monitoring extensive installations.

Benefits of CPC Plastic Liquid Cooling Quick Disconnects

  • Lightweight and streamlined design for less overall system weight
  • Ergonomic and easy-to-use one-handed operation
  • Audible CPC “click” and sensory feedback to ensure connection
  • Color coded blue or red for coolant line identification
  • Wide range of sizes and configurations for use in a broad variety of liquid cooling applications
  • Optimal flow to size for superior performance
  • Elbow and swivel joint configurations for tight spaces
  • Compatible with a variety of widely used liquid cooling fluids

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