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A wide variety of use cases within liquid cooling requires a broad portfolio of products to support unique application needs. CPC’s purpose-built Everis liquid cooling coupling quick disconnects are no exception since they’re critical in protecting the electronics in close proximity to the cooling. CPC’s innovative design and quality manufacturing spans all of our product lines.

Thermal Management Requirements

Working with thermal engineers around the world, CPC understands the requirements needed to meet the challenges of fluid management for liquid cooling applications. Exclusively engineered and built for the rigors of liquid cooling, Everis products deliver:

  • Optimal size to flow ratios with valves that minimize flow restriction
  • Non-spill dry disconnect capabilities that reduce spillage to near zero
  • Resilient, redundant, multi-lobed leak-free seals
  • Material options compatible with coolants
  • User-friendly designs like integrated thumb latches

How Do CPC’s Liquid Cooling Couplings Work?

A CPC quick disconnect coupling (QD) consists of two parts, a coupling body and a coupling insert that when connected create a fluid flow path. Each of CPC QD couplings has a valve architecture with multi-lobed seals to provide redundant protection against leakage over extended periods of time. CPC liquid cooling QD valves have zero seal friction in the connected state, ensuring the valve closes quickly and reliably when the coupling is disconnected. Upon disconnection, the integrated non-spill shutoff valves automatically stop flow, reducing spills or pressure loss during disconnection. The non-spill design of CPC Everis connectors allows disconnection under pressure without drips. Once the QD is connected, the flow of coolant fluid begins.

Download CAD

Once you’ve become a registered user on the CPC website, it’s simple to download CAD files in a huge variety of file formats to easily design the CPC quick disconnects into your specific application. You can also purchase CPC liquid cooling connectors conveniently and securely online using a credit card on each product page. Contact us if you need a sample for testing or prototyping.

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