Biopharma’s Largest Aseptic Connector Now Available

Introducing the AseptiQuik W Series Connectors, the industry’s largest genderless aseptic connectors. The new 1-1/2 inch flow path solution can easily transfer hundreds of liters per minute to significantly reduce fluid transfer time across the bioprocess.

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Medical Quick Connect and Disconnect Couplings

Connections Matter in Making a Healthier World

The medical industry, one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing industries, is integral to the delivery of medical care. From aesthetic medicine to surgery, the medical industry helps prevent, diagnose and treat health conditions. By providing the diagnostic tools, treatments and intervention tools, the medical industry connects healthcare professionals with the applications that improve patient outcomes. One example of a necessary medical application is the use of medical quick disconnect couplings.  

Staying Ahead of the Competition

Healthcare has never been more accessible or safer. However, the medical industry is under pressure from rising costs, complex regulatory requirements and supply chain challenges. Medical companies must stay ahead of their competitors by building quality products that meet the ergonomic, safety and performance needs of the healthcare professionals and, most importantly, patients.

Helping Deliver Quality Medical Devices

With multiple decades of industry experience, CPC is helping increase efficiency and improve outcomes for patients, providers and healthcare professionals around the world. Medical quick disconnects, couplings and fittings from CPC are precision engineered to integrate easily with air and fluid handling medical applications. Medical customers have confidence in CPC’s ability to fulfill demand through sound supply chain management.

CPC medical quick disconnect couplings — including a complete line of small-bore connections, fittings, luers — make medical device connections cleaner, faster and, most important, safer.

Trust Reliable Medical Quick Connectors and Quick Disconnect Fittings from CPC

High-quality medical quick disconnect fittings from CPC are easy and intuitive to use ― eliminating leaks, spills and misconnections for applications that require connecting to air or fluid lines. CPC components meet medical device, instrument and equipment specifications whether the application calls for non-valved or non-spill, low flow or high flow, reusable or disposable connectors.

Quite simply, CPC medical quick disconnects, couplings and fittings are the answer for a broad range of applications from connecting air lines for a blood pressure cuff, connecting reagent supplies to a blood analyzer or making critical connections between a patient and heart-lung machine ― and everything in-between.

4 Reasons to Use CPC Quick Disconnects

  • Compatible with a wide variety of chemicals 
  • Available in a broad range of configurations, materials and sizes
  • Easy-to-use, streamlined design
  • Engineered with decades of fluid connection technology
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