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    CPC expands its liquid cooling line up

    When it comes to creating superior liquid cooling connectors, CPC refuses to rest on its laurels. Its impressive line-up is already flush with ultra-reliable, drip-free connectors designed and tested by expert design engineers. But CPC’s ever-expanding offerings now also include the BLQ2 blind mate and G Thread/BSPP—both enhancements to its existing LQ Series of connectors. With these recent additions, CPC is proving that it’s up to the challenge of developing and enhancing exactly what the thermal management market needs—sometimes even before the market realizes it.

    The BLQ2 Connector

    CPC has expanded its LQ Series with a blind mate option, the new BLQ2 connector. This latest addition builds on the LQ Series’ reputation for being robust, reliable and non-spill. The blind mate design further simplifies connections in high performance computing and data center applications. It was designed specifically for use in applications where the connection, disconnection and latching mechanism are maintained on a mounted server connection assembly.

    “Blind mate connectors have long been deployed for power and signal delivery. With liquid cooling, the stakes are even higher as a misaligned or incomplete connection could result in leaks and damage to electronic equipment,” said Kristin Anderson, global market manager, thermal management. “With generous chamfer, the BLQ2 quick disconnect easily guides to the correct mating position, allowing quickand secure field installation for rack-mounted liquid cooling systems.”

    The LQ2 Series offers the highest-flow capacity 1/8-inch connectors in the liquid cooling industry. Independent testing cites their flow rate as being 23 percent better than other 1/8-inch connectors currently on the market. These higher flow capacities also reduce pressure drop by an average of 34 percent, optimizing liquid cooling system performance[AK1] [HJ2] . As a member of the LQ2 Series portfolio, the BLQ2 latchless connector was designed for connection tolerance and achieves maximum flow within 1/8-inch of full engagement. It also features the same multilobed seals that provide redundant protection against leakage and lasting shape retention during extended periods of connection. Multilobe seals also deliver greater sealing efficiency than standard o-rings while requiring less force to connect. The BLQ2 connector valve design has zero seal friction in the connected state, ensuring the valve closes quickly and reliably when the coupling is disconnected. This non-spill design allows disconnection under pressure without leaks—critically important in protecting electronics from exposure to fluid and enabling hot swapping of equipment. The compact size also facilitates installation in tight spaces like the server racks of large data centers.

    The G Thread/BSPP Connector

    CPC recently launched the new G thread/BSPP termination type for the LQ2, LQ4 and LQ6. The new G/British Standard Pipe Parallel (BSPP) thread termination is widely used across Europe and Asia. These easy-to-connect, robust, non-spill connectors are known for their reliability in high-performance computing and data center applications. G threads appear in the U.S. in applications such as PC gaming, cameras and projectors.

    If you would like to learn more about the BLQ Series, the G Thread/BSPP or any of the other innovative connection solutions CPC offers, visit


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