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DrumQuik® PRO

Dispensing System for Professional Chemical Management
 DrumQuik PRO Chemical Dispensing System
DrumQuik Free Application Evaluation

Safer chemical dispensing is as easy as…

DrumQuik PRO Chemical Dispensing System DrumQuik PRO Chemical Dispensing System DrumQuik PRO Chemical Dispensing System

Colder’s new DrumQuik PRO is an easy-to-use product for chemical dispensing from 55 gallon drums, IBCs and other rigid containers. The closed-system design and rugged construction meet strict safety requirements of chemical handling applications as well as the demands of harsh operating environments. DrumQuik PRO minimizes chemical exposure and facilitates the delivery of chemicals from bulk transfer containers to end use applications. Specify the DrumQuik PRO for the following applications:

  • Acids, caustics and solvent delivery
  • Agricultural fertilizer application
  • Institutional cleaning
  • Paint and coating dispensing
  • Fragrance production
  • Edible oils and syrup transport
  • Pharmaceutical Sterilant handling

The coupler is made from food grade virgin polypropylene and can withstand thousands of connections. The dip-tube assembly is made from environmentally friendly material – food grade virgin polyethylene – and is suited to cost-sensitive one-way and single-use container applications, and can be disposed of or recycled along with the container.




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