Product Change Announcement


New PMC/PLC Bodies

As part of ongoing cost-reduction efforts, five PMC and PLC bodies are being retooled. This affects only non-valved, in-line hose barb bodies. Dyed and molded parts will be changed over to the new body style.

  • This will be a running change with the first new bodies available on/about December 15, 2008
  • New bodies are slightly shorter
  • Old bodies will not be available as a standard product once our inventory has been depleted
  • Old bodies will be available at a higher price as a custom product
  • This change will not affect the PMC12/PLC12 parts

Colder will evaluate costing on these parts and any price changes will be announced January 1, 2009.

Part Numbers Affected and Dimensions:
Part Number Height Length New Length
PMC1702 .81" 1.65" 1.45"
PMC1703 .81" 1.85" 1.65"
PMC1704 .81" 1.85" 1.65"
PLC17006 .94" 1.95" 1.80"
PLC17004 .94" 1.95" 1.80"