Case Studies

Over the years, CPC has partnered with customers around the world to help them achieve their goals, developing and enhancing a variety of breakthrough applications. From cancer detection to motorcycle assemblies, these stories represent the spirit of innovation that CPC embodies with every product that we create.

LQ Series quick disconnects offer reliable, non-spill performance for HPC systems.
AseptiQuik® G connectors ensure safe and reliable sterile connections in day-to-day production.

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Closed system dispensing of bulk chemicals makes foam and coating applications safer and more efficient.
Drip-free fluid connectors enable power module hot-swaps on liquid-cooled TV broadcast transmitters.

Non-spill connectors create liquid cooling confidence for IT operations of all sizes.


One local brewery using CPC’s connectors is Urban Growler Brewing in St. Paul, Minnesota, which uses the components to save time when making CO2 level checks that require frequent air line connections and disconnections.
To reduce the chance of leaks and spills and create an effective, closed transfer system, Dupont turned to CPC.

With NS4 Series non-spill couplings, the tubing between the enclosed regulator assembly and the printheads can be easily connected and disconnected without the worry of messy ink spills.
Eliminating the use of hose clamps and screws on Mercury MerCruiser’s sterndrives allowed boat manufacturers to save up to five minutes of installation time per engine.

With the integration of CPC’s non-spill quick disconnect couplings, Semco was able to offer its customers a safer, easier-to-use chemical management system that reduced spillage and contamination.
Using CPC quick disconnect couplings in their cancer detection system enabled Astro and Immunicon Corporation to a design a bulk fluid system that is dependable, accurate and easy to use.

CPC’s wireless identification technology and unique connectors enhanced the flexibility and ease of use in a compression system for deep vein thrombosis prophylaxis.
ISR chose CPC’s quick disconnect couplings to meet the strict requirements of this closed loop cooling system.

After evaluating the DrumQuik® PRO system, Container Technology found that it met all of its criteria for performance, cost and safety.
TVI Corporation (TVI) adopted high selection criteria for all its product components in order to manufacture the best equipment on the market.

Experiencing difficulties in fuel tank assembly and removal, BMW turned to CPC design engineers for help.