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Preventing Misconnections and Crossed Lines

Preventing misconnections

Preventing misconnections and crossed lines is serious business. CPC offers many ways to help protect people and equipment so pressurized air or gas lines aren’t connected to dangerous chemical lines, or a blood pressure air line isn’t connected to an IV line. Some connectors, like the SRC, were specifically designed to not mate with other connectors, such as luers. Another option for preventing misconnections is color-coding.


CPC offers a number of products available with color coding options and some standard product series can be dyed to provide a visual indicator of the correct connection point.

Multi-tube connectors such as the Twin Tube™, Sixtube™ or Tentube™ can be used to connect up to ten separate lines with one simple connector. In addition, hybrid connectors can combine fluid, air and electronics to safely connect multiple equipment lines, simplifying connect ion and reducing tubing snarls. Other methods of preventing tubing or line misconnection is by using keyed, color-coded brass connectors or by combining different sizes of standard couplings to make correct line connections obvious to users. The following guidelines can help:

  • Use one MC/PMC size and one LC/PLC size.
  • Use one panel mount body and one panel mount insert.
  • Use one APC coupling and one PLC coupling.
  • Use Multi-Mount couplings (connect 3-5 lines simultaneously)
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