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Meet the PLQ2 thermoplastic connector

CPC has been turning heads with the recent release of the PLQ2 high-performance thermoplastic connector. This coupling provides ultra-reliable, dripless connections and disconnections that protect valuable electronics. Designed using polyphenylsulfone (PPSU), the PLQ2 connector is lightweight, chemically resistant, rated UL94 V-0 flame retardant and easy to use. It’s also the first coupling specifically designed for liquid cooling. During the design process, CPC engineers considered the entire HPC environment as well as the specific use-cases of the connector. Their thoughtful design is reflected in the wide array of capabilities the PLQ2 boasts.

The PLQ2’s biggest point of difference from previous connectors is the material it’s made from: plastic. But this isn’t any plastic. This connector offers a heat deflection temperature of more than 200° C and is chemically compatible with all of today’s most widely used coolants and engineered fluids. Until now, users seeking the lightweight and corrosion-resistant benefits of plastic QDs typically sacrificed some level of robustness. But the PLQ series maintains long-term material performance and excellent thermo-oxidative stability.

The PLQ2 is also ideal for water-cooled systems and humid environments because PPSU is dimensionally stable and has low water absorption. As a thermal insulator, PPSU reduces potential condensation on the connector and eases handling—the QD will not be hot to the touch when warm fluid is present.

Beth Langer, senior design engineer of thermal management commented,

“PLQ Series QDs are among the highest performing engineered polymer connectors for liquid cooling applications available. They vastly reduce concerns around plastic QD durability and performance.”

The PLQ2 delivers on its leak-free promise as it features a multilobed seal for redundant protection against leakage. Multilobe seals provide greater sealing efficiency than standard O-rings while requiring less force to connect. They also allow for lasting shape retention during extended periods of connection. Even better, the non-spill design facilitates disconnection under pressure without leaks—essential in protecting electronics from exposure to fluid and enabling hot swapping of equipment.

Our engineers are confident the PLQ2 will pass your test because they subjected it to theirs—repeatedly. The connect and disconnect function on the coupling was tested 10,000 times under pressure. There was no degradation of any of the components. Other tests included creep resistance, fluid burst pressure, pressure decay, and a 72-hour pressure-temperature test with exposure to high and low limits. The PLQ2 passed all of them with flying colors.

If you’d like to learn more about the PLQ2 and its capabilities or any of the other innovative connection solutions CPC offers, visit

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